Operations 101

Welcome to the OPSIG's Introduction To Operations page. We created this page to host materials from layout owners and operators that might be helpful to somebody getting into operations. As in all things in life, there are people who have great experience in operations and some folks who only think they are! We make no claims of any kind about the materials presented here or the kind people who have donated their time, it is only offered up in a generous gesture of support and guidance for those just dipping their toes into the operating world. We hope you find it useful and helpful. 

You can view and (sometimes) download presentations, video sessions and and articles here that you find interesting as you learn about prototype operations. These materials are, of course, for your personal use only - we request you do not publish, reuse or sell anything without the author's prior written consent. Please join me in thanking the folks who have provided these materials in an effort to extend a hand to the learning operator - that is what this hobby is truly about.

Phil Monat, Former OPSIG President

OPS 101

These PowerPoint presentations were developed by Tom Crosthwait (President, Mogollon & Southwestern RR) and Fred Bock, MMR (Chief Dispatcher, M&Sw), and generously provided to the OPSIG.

Introduction to Operations Clinic

This clinic is based on an original by Dave Cochrun and Kathy Sparks, and revised by Marshall Abrams for presentation to the Potomac Division of the NMRA.