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April 2017

Develop an Operating Scheme by Doug Lee - Doug has provided a two-sheet Excel file workbook that contains a blank template timetable/staging matrix. Each sheet is designed to capture 12-hours of train schedule information. Download the file here: Generic timetable staging form template

October 2014

Cleveland 2014 Op Sessions

July 2014

Review of Soundrail 2014

October 2012

Ops session reviews from Grand Rapids [PDF]

January 2012

NC Rail Run Weekend Review [PDF]

October 2011

Freight Car Handling (corrected) [PDF]

April 2008

Tsunami Recommended CVs (Excel Spreadsheet)

January 2007

  • 'A Waybill Operating System' by Ray Fisher
    • Full Article
    • RoutingMatrixDevelopmentExample
      The published article shows routing matrix development in black and white. This sample includes the colors that are needed.
    • SampleCarCards
      Car cards are generated, four to a page, from the master car inventory file.
    • SampleCrewBriefs
      Crew Briefs are generated, eight to a sheet, from the master train file. They contain essential information, in concise format, that the crew needs to successfully run the train over its entire route. The size of the brief is similar to a waybill. This size permits it to be inserted into the pocket of a loco card.
    • SampleLocoDieselCards
      Loco cards are generated, four to a page, from the master loco inventory file. As steam and diesel identifying info is slightly different, the cards are printed separately, and usually on different colored card stock. The loco cards are the same size as car cards.
    • SampleSupportDocuments
      Imagination lets you prepare many different documents to help simplify handling of many different model operation situations. Here are a couple that can give you a taste of the variety of things you can do.
    • SampleTimetableSchedule
      If you operate using Time Table and Train Order procedures, this vital schedule provides the Timetable authority to your trains.
    • SampleWaybillSchemes
      These color coded waybills form the visible heart of this system.
    • SampleYardClassificationGuide
      Based on the routing matrix, this chart helps yardmasters determine how to classify and route cars.
    • Sample hint sheets

October 2003