OpSIG has assembled the OpsBibliography containing about a dozen books and over 300 magazine articles and websites relevant to model railroad operations. We have drawn liberally from lists prepared by Gary Gelzer, Bruce Wilson, David Doiron, the NMRA library, Eric Lundberg and no doubt many others.

The list is arranged in order by Keyword and Title and also includes the citation's author, year and month of publication, page, magazine or publisher, and some comments. The list may be downloaded to spreadsheet programs such as Excel.   This may be helpful in reading the file which has become un-aligned in uploading.  Copies of most magazine articles may be obtained by members from the NMRA Library for a nominal charge.  MR back issues or photocopies are available from Kalmbach's Consumer Sales Dept. by calling 800-446-5489, or through the MODEL RAILROADER Home page.  Other publications also offer back issues and copies.

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Keyword List

  • Book - Books on Railroad Operations Model and Prototype
  • CarFwd - Articles on Various Methods of Car Forwarding
  • Computer - Model Railroad Computer Applications
  • Disp - Articles on Prototype and Model Railroad Dispatching
  • Genl - Articles of General Interest related to Operations
  • Helper - Articles on Helper Operations
  • Ind - Articles on Railroad Related Industries and Modelling
  • Perish - Articles on Perishable Traffic (Reefers, Produce, etc.)
  • Proto - Articles on Prototype Operation
  • Psgr - Articles on Passenger Train Operations
  • Swtg - Articles on Railroad Switching
  • Wayfrt - Articles on Way Freight Operations
  • Yards - Articles on Railroad Yards
Keyword Title Author Yr/Mo Page Source Comments
Book A Compendium of Model Railroad Operations - from Design to Implementation OPSIG 2017 Entire book OPSIG A complete guide to all things operations, covers every aspect of prototype operations and how to apply them to your model railroad - from design and staffing to yards and paperwork, from communications and signals to dispatching and car forwarding. See ordering information.
Book 19 EAST, COPY THREE Dave Sprau & Steve King 2012 Entire book OPSIG A complete explanation and instruction manual on Timetable & Train Order operations, compiled from the seminal series of articles published in the DO, as well as an entire new section on how to teach, implement and enjoy this from of train dispatching. Written by two respected professional experts in the field, 160 pages in full color. Sold out at OPSIG.
Book Creative Model Railroad Design Armstrong, John 1978   Kalmbach For intermediate or advanced modeler. Continues to develop themes presented in Track Planning for Realistic Operation by looking at layout design as influenced by various factors such as pike location, scenery, prototypes or theme.
Book Design Handbook for Model Railroads Mallery, Paul 1979   Carstens Publishing Includes a chapter on design of small layouts and useful diagrams showing segments of track plans throughout the book.
Book Freight Terminals & Trains
Droege, John A. 1998   NMRA Reprint of McGraw Hill 2nd ed. 1925. The definitive work on operation of freight trains, terminals, railroads and the people who operated them.
Book How to Operate your Model Railroad
Chubb, Bruce 1977   Kalmbach (out of prt) Broad overview of model railroad operations, starting with the prototype and covering most important topics, including timetables, switching, dispatching and freight car forwarding. Unfortunately out of print, but it is still found at some hobby shops and bookstores.
Book Let's Operate a Railroad
Roxbury, L. E. 1957   High-Iron Publishers Describes the prototypical operations of a railroad. Everything from what a Yard Clerk does to what a Car Distributor does in his/her job along with various operations in a yard and on the road.
Book Model Railroading with John Allen
Westcott, Linn H. 1989   Kalmbach (3rd ed)  
Book Operation Handbook for Model Railroads Mallery, Paul 1991   Carstens Pub, 2nd ed Reviews concepts, operating positions, timetables, rights of trains, signals, car forwarding, etc., A useful study of issues in operations.
Book Passenger Terminals and Trains Droege, John A. 1969   Kalmbach (out of prt) Reprint of McGraw Hill original edition 1917. The definitive work on operation of passenger trains, terminals, stations and railroads.
Book Realistic Revenue Operations for Model Railroads
Villaret, Eugene 1985   Greenberg Publications  
Book The railroad--what it is, what it does Armstrong, John 1982   Simmons-Boardman Billed as "the introduction to railroading," written for the railroader, this is an explanation of today's railroad technology, the railroad network and railroad operations. A comprehensive overview of the way the today's railroad system works. Also contains a fine bibliography of suggested readings.
Book Track Planning for Realistic Operation
Armstrong, John 1998   Kalmbach (3rd ed) First published in 1962, third edition explains whys and wherefores of layout planning, from prototype to table top. Every model railroader planning a layout should read this book.
V&O Story, The
McClelland, Allen 1984   Carstens Publishing Chapters on Train Procedures Directories, Car cards & waybills
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CarFwd Administration Planning For Ops - Pt 1 Freight Consignment Mansfield, Jim 9212 16 Model Railroading  
CarFwd Administration Planning For Ops - Pt 2 Freight Consignment Mansfield, Jim 9301 60 Model Railroading  
CarFwd All in the Cards
Ellison, Frank 6501 52 MR originally in MR 5408
CarFwd Bridge Traffic Can Be Fun
Armstrong, John 7705 84 MR  
CarFwd Car Card Operations for Mountain Railroads
Hansen, Don W. 8605 35 Model Railroading Card, Mountain
CarFwd Car Cards Carangi Charles 9105 11 Railmodel Journal  
CarFwd Car Cards and Waybills
King, Steve 7802 68 RModel Craftsman see also RMC 2/57 (reprint?)
CarFwd Car Cards, from the East Coast Action Operators   9105 11 Railmodel Journal Card
CarFwd Car Distribution - A Realistic Way to Generate Traffic Adams, Francis P. 6002   MR  
CarFwd Car distribution with 3x5 cards
Warren 8401 34 NMRA Bulletin  
CarFwd Card Order Operation
Dyer, T. Gerald 5212 48 MR  
CarFwd Card Order Operation on the Victoria Northern
Dohn, Roy 5805 50 MR  
CarFwd Card order operation system
Clark 6803 18 NMRA Bulletin  
CarFwd Cargo Operation
Bull Session 7403 66 MR  
CarFwd Cargo operation, planning industry shipments
Poindexter, Ray 7403 66 MR Freight, Industry
CarFwd Colorful operation - using colored tags
Mallery, Paul 6502 28 RModel Craftsman Tag
CarFwd Commodity based card operating system Vail, Jim 9104 76 RModel Craftsman  
CarFwd DiGiT System of Operation Dohn, Roy 6405 32 MR  
CarFwd Enhanced Car Forwarding on the Midland Road
Koester, Tony 9303 75 MR  
CarFwd Freight Car Routing via Assigned Service Placards
Schleicher, Robert 8504   Model Railroading  
CarFwd G&D Card operation
Johns, D.F. Jr. 6903 26 RModel Craftsman Card
CarFwd Generating Freight Traffic with Summaries
Schleicher, Bob 8702 27 Model Railroading  
CarFwd Go with the (Traffic) Flow - Pt I Easy Car-card System
Swanson, John 8711 36 Prototype Modeler  
CarFwd Improved Handling for Empty Freight Cars
Koester, Tony 9403 76 MR  
CarFwd Industry car orders & how rrs fill them
Harber 8907 30 Railmodel Journal  
CarFwd Latest Word on Card Operations Smith, Doug 6112 52 MR THE seminal article on car card forwarding
CarFwd Locomotive and caboose cards
Holbrook, Dan 9202 122 MR Card
CarFwd Magnetic waybills - tiny colored magnetic waybills
Doran, William 6505 32 RModel Craftsman Tag, Waybill
CarFwd Midland Moves Coal, The Koester, Tony 9702 70 MR  
CarFwd New Card Order System
Ravenscroft, Ed 5809 22 MR  
CarFwd Operation -- Key to Authentic Railroading Smith, Doug 5710 24 MR  
CarFwd Operation for the fun of it, basic card systems, part 1 Wright, Bill 82 Fall 76 Model Railroading Card
CarFwd Operation Unlimited
  6206 44 MR hand-written switch lists
CarFwd Operation with CCT
Ravenscroft, Ed 6507 20 MR  
CarFwd Organize your car cards
Boelter, Bob 9612 139 MR  
CarFwd Pre-Printed Car Card Operations
Kelly, Jim 8704 14 Model Railroading Card
CarFwd Refinements for CCT Car Forwarding
Hediger, Jim 7207 41 MR  
CarFwd Simplified card orders
Branson, Sidney R. 7702 86 MR Card Order
CarFwd Tab System that John Allen Used
Sperandeo, Andy 7802 67 MR  
CarFwd Tab-on-Car Operations
Sperandeo, Andy 8112 84 MR  
CarFwd TIBS, Train & Industry Blocking System
Holbrook, Dan 8707 91 MR  
CarFwd Traffic Generation - A Method of Simulating Traffic Fink, Bob 7711 108 MR  
CarFwd Waybill Operation Walsh, Terry 6008 26 MR  
CarFwd Waybill operation on the West Agony & Inchoate Walsh, Terry 6008 26 MR Waybill
CarFwd Waybills on the Car
Ravenscroft, Ed 7511 86 MR  
CarFwd Waytacks for the New Glencoe Skokie Valley
Ravenscroft, Ed 7902 78 MR  
CarFwd What to Do with the Empties Adams, Francis 6308 27 MR  
CarFwd Wheel Reports for Easy Operation
Hediger, Jim 8405 102 MR  
CarFwd Yard & Industrial Switching Paperwork Mansfield, Jim 7908 78 RModel Craftsman  
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Computer Computer Applications: Planned Railroad Routing
Puckett, Larry 9110 49 Model Railroading Computer, Software
Computer Computer Applications: Ship It! - the best in operations Puckett, Larry 9610 16 Model Railroading Computer, Review, Software
Computer Computer Freight Car Routing System
Hanslip, Mark 8511 33 NMRA Bulletin  
Computer Computer Waybill Operation Schuchmann, Walt 8911 114 MR  
Computer Computer-generated timetables using fast time Mollard 9003 124 MR with Zucor Ltd software review
Computer Computerized Traffic Generator
Fink, Bob 7402 72 MR  
Computer Computerized Traffic Generator, A Fink, Bob 8402 72 MR  
Computer Computers and the Modeler - Interlok Software - CarTracker Bonham, Harry 9307 75 RModel Craftsman  
Computer Computers in model railroading: An operation trainer
Fink, Bob 9112 148 MR For training new operators
Computer Computers in model railroading: an operations model
Fink, Bob 9103 108 MR  
Computer Computers in model railroading: Computer yard hopping
Fink, Bob 9209 110 MR BASIC program generates car orders
Computer Computers in model railroading: Switch lists by spreadsheet Sciutto, John 8903 90 MR Computer, Spreadsheet, Switching
Computer Computers in model railroading: traffic generation
Fink, Bob 9106 115 MR Just some ideas
Computer First simple model railroad computer program
Fobes, Lawrence 8501 48 Model Railroading Computer, Software
Computer Metrecon Traffic Generator program
Fiehmann, Don 8506 92 RModel Craftsman Algorithm, Computer, Review, Software
Computer Random Way Freight/Industry Car Program
Thompson, Kurt 9304 35 NMRA Bulletin  
Computer Running trains with computers
Thompson, Keith 9710 108 MR  
Computer Stringline Scheduling (Computers in MR)
  9506   MR  
Computer Switcher: a second generation traffic generator Puckett, Larry 9010 26 Model Railroading Computer, Software, Traffic
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Disp Centralized traffic control for the Sunset Valley
Chubb, Bruce 8401 186 MR Ctc, Electronics, Signal, Svrr
Disp Creating an employee timetable
  9710 116 MR  
Disp CTC on the Cat Mountain Line
Thompson, Ken 8405 74 MR  
Disp Designing a Timetable for the Maumee
Darnaby, Bill 9301   MR  
Disp Dispatcher on the Sunset Valley Chubb, Bruce 7511 72 MR Dispatcher, Svrr
Disp Dispatcher panel with class
Geiger, Doug 9211 80 RModel Craftsman CTC; pt 1; pt 2 in 1992 Dec
Disp Dispatching and Scheduling Towers, Whit 6207 48 MR  
Disp Dispatching Techniques
McCurdy, Belding 9106 13 NMRA Bulletin  
Disp How to design a timetable Ravenscroft, Ed 5807 28 MR Timetable
Disp It's Your Railroad
Abbey, Wally 5301 20 Trains & Travel B&O CTC dispatcher shift
Disp Operating with Train Orders Prehoda, Robert 9906 69 RModel Craftsman  
Disp Phones on the Huntington Northern Birsa, Joe 9904 78 RModel Craftsman  
Disp Pre-Planned Dispatching
Bates, Alan L. 7408 42 RModel Craftsman  
Disp Real Railroad Operations, part III: Dispatching
Bonham, Harry 9306 40 Railmodel Journal Dispatcher
Disp Rights of Trains (reprint)
Josserand, Peter 1999   Simmons-Boardman classic explanation of rulebook and TT&TO dispatching
Disp Scale distance & speed (art of MR pt 4)
Ellison, Frank 6411 24 MR  
Disp Scale time & fast clock
Koester, Tony 9405 120 MR  
Disp Scale time (Art of mr pt 3) Ellison, Frank 6410 34 MR  
Disp Scheduling from scratch
Ellison, Frank 6412   MR How to prepare a mr timetable
Disp Scheduling with a spreadsheet
Schuchmann, Walt 9506 112 MR String-line train scheduling - Computers in Model Railroading
Disp Scratchpad dispatching Queyrel 8102 14 NMRA Bulletin  
Disp South End Desk Frailey, Fred 8609 24 Trains MKT dispatcher
Disp Telephone system used on the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Thompson, Ken 8208 64 MR  
Disp Telephones for Your Model Railroad
Westerfield, Al 9403 75 RModel Craftsman  
Disp Timetable and Train Order Operation Tajibnapis, Will 9908 80 MR  
Disp Timetable and Train Order Operation, a Primer
Amsler, Bob 9907
Disp Timetable for the Sierra, Cajon & Pacific, A
  7311 40 NMRA Bulletin  
Disp Timetable Operations on the Alturas & Lone Pine RR
Towers, Whitney K. 8806 54 Model Railroading Alp,Timetable
Disp Timetable Work Sheets NMRA 7309 55 NMRA Bulletin  
Disp Timetables for smoother operation, BASIC program
Pyfer, Jerry 8704 70 MR Computer, Software, Timetable
Disp Timing and Use of Clock in Operation Allen, John 6603 26 MR  
Disp Track Warrant Control on the CATS
Williams, Ron 9208 68 MR  
Disp Track Warrants
St. Davids, Wayne 9308   Model Railroading  
Disp TT&TO
  9704 120 MR  
Disp Why use scale time?
Allen, John 6606 22 MR Time
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Genl 80 Minutes of Operation in 80 Square Feet Moore, Bob 8001 83 RModel Craftsman  
Genl ABC's of model railroading - operating your model railroad Allen, John 7511 46 MR Beginner, Layout
Genl Allegheny Midland: 2 Koester, Tony 8801 116 MR A discussion of the factors that enhance operation
Genl Art of Model Railroading, The
Ellison, Frank 7607   MR also Mar-Aug 1944 reprinted by Kalmbach as a book
Genl Beginning operation
Lucas, Carl F. 6206 44 MR  
Genl Beyond the "oval" layout Part 1 Bowers, Peter 9502 19 Trackside Modeler  
Genl Beyond the "oval" layout Part 2 Bowers, Peter 9504 26 Trackside Modeler  
Genl Bookshelf HO Layout with Staging
Taylor, Joe 9410 82 MR  
Genl Bridge Line Operations on the Johnstown & Gerryville
Puckett, Larry 9804 46 Model Railroading Bridgeline
Genl Cardinal System - 4 rr's coordinate traffic
Brown, Jack 8904 73 RModel Craftsman Freytag, Dean,Kattau, Hal, Layout, Roberts, John
Genl Case Against Operation, The
Kuykendall, Ronald 7703 32 NMRA Bulletin slow down and enjoy
Genl Check list for good operation Schopp, Bill 6312 58 RModel Craftsman Troubleshoot
Genl Class I for One Man: a Track Plan
  7004 30 MR  
Genl Clinchfield Simulator
Bull Session 7904 130 MR Carangi Charles
Genl Control And Power Planning For Operation
Mansfield, Jim 9403 19 Model Railroading Basics Of Control Panels And Power Distribution - On Track Pt 2
Genl Crew communications
Mansfield, Jim 9611 27 Model Railroading  
Genl Delta Lines Operating Night
Ellison, Frank 5511 26 MR  
Genl Design & Operate Model Rr Based on Prototype Pts I&II
Durrenberger, Cyril 8112, 8202   Prototype Modeler  
Genl Designing Model Railroad Operations (with bibliography)
Schumaker, Richard 9805
Genl Direct Traffic Management for Model Rr Dispatching
  8810 114 MR magnetic dispatcher's panel
Genl Downgrade with empties, upgrade with loads
Hegge, Bob 5704 22 MR Interurban, Layout
Genl Enhance your operating sessions - unusual consists
Pyfer, Jerry 8709 35 Prototype Modeler  
Genl Enhancing Operations with Procedures Manuals Gruber, Bill 9201 72 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Evolving Operations on the N Scale Three Sisters RR
Lewis, Dan 9602 112 MR  
Genl Fast freight on LPA-1 on the Alturas and Lone Pine
Towers, Whitney K. 6609 22 MR ALP, Trackplan, HO
Genl Follow those short lines, for operating and motive power ideas Dockham, Ralph 7810 16 RRModeler Industrial, Shortline
Genl Forming an Operating Group Lundberg, Eric 9507 56 RModel Craftsman  
Genl G&D, Operation on the Delaware
Taylor, Richard W. 6212 38 MR dispatching and destinations
Genl Give Operation a Try
Sperandeo, Andy 9509 86 MR Very basic overview
Genl Go with the (Traffic) Flow - Pt II Designing Operations
Swanson, John 8801 32 Prototype Modeler  
Genl Hazardous cargo - add operational interest Obregon, Conrad 8005 57 RModel Craftsman Hazardous
Genl Helix tracks for Holding/Layover Operations Hansen, Don W. 8607 38 Model Railroading Helix, Holding, Layover, Track
Genl How to operate a small layout realistically Kelly, Jim 9211   MR  
Genl How to Operate Your Layout
Barrow, David 9510 104 MR
also June, Aug 95
Genl How to use signals
Small, Charles 5011 44 MR Signal
Genl Index of Operations articles
Burroughs, Albin 8611 4 Model Railroading Article, Index
Genl Index of Prototype and Model Operations Articles
Morgan, Brian 8804 4 Model Railroading Article, Index
Genl Intermodal Terminal Operations Kelly, Jim 8701 28 Model Railroading Intermodal, Terminal
Genl Keeping Track (operations forms)
Lundberg, Eric 7803   MR  
Genl Layover/Holding Track Operations
Hansen, Don W. 8603 44 Model Railroading Holding, Layover, Track
Genl Leadville Operator
Lundberg, Eric 9103 24 NMRA Bulletin  
Genl Lessons from a session
Schaumburg, Bill 9409 110 RModel Craftsman operating tips
Genl Mainline Train Movements (Operating a Local)
Towers, Whit 6110 54 MR  
Genl Maumee Turns a Mike, The Darnaby, Bill 9607 94 MR  
Genl Measuring Scale Speed
Bull Session 8601 170 MR  
Genl Model Railroad Operations
Healy, Ken 9002 9 OVAR Interchange Ottawa Valley Area Railroaders (club)
Genl Multi-Operational Concept, The
Mansfield, Jim 9503 30 Model Railroading Ontrack
Genl My two railroads - thoughts on operation and planning
Vail, Jim 9707 44 Narrow Gauge &SL Trackplanning, yard capacity
Genl New Age of Operations, part I: Evolution
Brown, Jack 8911 40 Railmodel Journal  
Genl New Age of Operations, part II: Model or prototype?
  9003 54 Railmodel Journal  
Genl New age operation, part 3: the human element
Lemke, J.H. 9106 44 Railmodel Journal  
Genl N-scale railroad built for realistic operation Hall, George 9310 108 MR  
Genl Operating night on the narrow gauge
Christopherson/Ellerby 9411 40 Narrow Gauge &SL relaxed tt ops
Genl Operating Night on the Santa Cruz Northern
Providenza, Jim 9605 72 MR  
Genl Operating Schemes
Mansfield, Jim 9309 50 Model Railroading Ontrack
Genl Operating the Allegheny & Lake Erie - 4x14 dogbone
Armstrong, John 5209 16 MR Trackplan, Ho
Genl Operating the Alturas & Lone Pine RR
Towers, Whitney K. 8302 72 MR Alp, Layout
Genl Operating the Midwest Modeler's layout
Neale, Bill 8707 86 MR Club, Layout
Genl Operating the new Sandric & Lake Superior
Lundberg, Eric 9702 82 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Operating the South Plains District Barrow, David 9612 100 MR also Sept, Oct, Nov 96
Genl Operating Your Model Railroad
MR Staff 5711 46 MR illustrated overview of operations
Genl Operation at the Fillmore engine facility
Chubb, Bruce 7711 90 MR Roundhouse, Service, Svrr
Genl Operation Comes after the Surgery At The Throttle 7511 45 MR  
Genl Operation For The '90s: Operation 2000
Mansfield, Jim 9405 62 Model Railroading Ontrack
Genl Operation is key on the Colrain Valley RR, small room
Hayden, Bob 7711 58 MR Layout, Trackplan, Ho
Genl Operation on the Crystal River Southern
Hiatt, John T. 6808 36 MR  
Genl Operation on the Sandric & Lake Superior
Lundberg, Eric 8008 62 MR card order system
Genl Operation on the Texas & Rio Grande Western - Part 1 McClanahan, Bill 5812 32 MR Part 2 in MR 5912 p86
Genl Operation Shorthand Mansfield, Jim 9507 24 Model Railroading Ontrack
Genl Operation unlimited, 9x10 G Dohn, Roy 6012 55 MR Trackplan, HO
Genl Operation: the Pros and the Cons
Tipton, Rick 8001   MR  
Genl Operation-An Indusrty Run Railroad
Sand, Linda 9111 43 NScale Sand, Linda
Genl Operations ?Granite Mountain Style - Parts 1,2,3 Geiger, Doug '0007 25 Model Railroading also Aug, Sept 2000
Genl Operations at Rockford Denton, Bill 9501 42 NScale Layout, N
Genl Operations intimidation?
Providenza, Jim 9102 90 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Operations on East Bay's Santa Fe Central
Powis, E.W. 6803 35 MR California, Club, Layout
Genl Operations on Stony Creek & Western Freitag, Gil 9508 68 MR Kelly, Jim, Layout, Trackplan, Ho
Genl Operations on the HE&WT
Durrenberger, Cyril 8205 30 Prototype Modeler  
Genl Operations on the HO Scale Shawmut Andrews, Dick 82 Summer 4 Model Railroading Layout
Genl Operations on the Sunset Valley RR
Chubb, Bruce 7006 36 MR Svrr Trackplan, HO
Genl Operations Seen From Both Sides
Pyfer, Jerry 8609 36 Prototype Modeler  
Genl Operations the thing at the Culver City Model Railroad Club Tarjany, Fran 7807 38 RRModeler Club, Layout
Genl Operators, The
Towers, Whit 1963-64-65   RModel Craftsman monthly columns covering all aspects of ops from prototype to mr and all systems
Genl Pitfalls of operation Bates, Alan L. 7712 66 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Prototype Operation on the Sunset Valley
Chubb, Bruce 7911 118 MR  
Genl Radio usage suggestions
Tetzlaff 9012 216 MR  
Genl Radio verbiage Mansfield, Jim 9306 65 Model Railroading  
Genl Railroader's Story - Metropolitan Corridor Parts 1 - 6 Carangi, Charles 9012   Railmodel Journal  
Genl Railroading without Derailments
Hediger, Jim 9605 80 MR  
Genl Realistic and Simple Train Operations Wengenroth, Fred 8707 10 Prototype Modeler  
Genl Realistic locomotive assignment Gruber, Bill 9610 112 MR Assignment, Locomotive
Genl Realistic Operations, part 10 Kang/Providenza 9605 55 Railmodel Journal Distributing cars in 'blocks' to & from major yards
Genl Realistic Performance
Douds, Charles 6305 38 MR  
Genl Redesigning for better operation
Boelter, Bob 9707 98 MR Improving the O scale Great Western
Genl Running the Rockland
Robb, Arthur T. 4711 910 MR Layout
Genl Secrets of better operation Schopp, Bill 6203 28 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Self-adjusting system of operation
Vondrak, Ed 8707 32 NMRA Bulletin  
Genl Setting up an operating system for a mr
Webb, Craig and Pete Moffett 9907 79 RModel Craftsman  
Genl Shift Time
Cole, R. Thomas 9304 88 MR  
Genl Short Line, Mixed Train Railroading
Small, Charles S. 5502 52 MR  
Genl Signaling & Operation on Canandaigua Southern
Armstrong, John 9609 98 MR  
Genl Signals that help you operate
Garrison, Paul 7504 60 RRModeler Signal, Wiring
Genl Sizing up the fleet (Official Register)
Schleicher, Robert 8801 8 Model Railroading  
Genl Sneak-off tracks
Ellison, Frank 4604 240 MR  
Genl Stretching the Too-Short Main Line
Houghton, Phillips 6105 33 MR  
Genl Symbol Freight Operations on Rick Kang's Layout
Kang, Rick 8808 11 Model Railroading Layout
Genl Testing procedures used by the Pasadena Model RR Club
Bates, Alan L. 7407 58 RRModeler Towards better operation
Genl Time-Out for Brake Tests, New Age Operations, Part VI Christopherson, Bob 9403 12 Railmodel Journal Brake Test
Genl Tonnage Ratings for Model Steam Locomotives
Reschenberg & Odegard 6003   MR  
Genl Towards reliable operation - stamping out gremlins
Armstrong, John 7909 72 MR Useful table of maintenance/checklist items
Genl Tower Operations, a Railroad's Story, Part IV
  9308 50 Railmodel Journal Tower, Prototype
Genl Traffic and freight cars on the Cardinal System Brown, Jack 9111 85 RModel Craftsman Freight, Layout
Genl Traffic Density
Mansfield, Jim 9207 44 Model Railroading Planning For Operation Part 4
Genl Train Blocking Mansfield, Jim 9205 44 Model Railroading Planning For Operation Part 2
Genl Train Classification
Mansfield, Jim 9204 66 Model Railroading Planning For Operation Part 1
Genl Train Scheduling
Mansfield, Jim 9206 28 Model Railroading Planning For Operation Part 3
Genl Trains of Thought: Realistic operation
Koester, Tony 9208 112 MR Trainsofthought
Genl Yard Hopping on the Glencoe Skokie Valley
Ravenscroft, Ed 5907 22 MR  
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Helper Action On The Nation's Busiest Helper District
Six, Jim 9204 16 Model Railroading Locomotives of the PRR Cresson Helper pool
Helper Helper - with a name like that, what else could it be?
Sims, Donald 8005 54 RRModeler Helper, D&RGW
Helper Helper Operations
Hansen, Don W. 8607 30 Model Railroading Helper
Helper Helper service
Morgan, David P. 4904 42 MR Helper
Helper Helpers: for those steep grades
Hutchinson 5112 28 RModel Craftsman  
Helper Improving helper operations Henderson, Bill 9205 60 RModel Craftsman Helper
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Ind Car Movements at the Lone Star Portland Cement Plant
  9505 16 Railmodel Journal Cement, Industry
Ind From timber to tidewater - lumber operation Sabol, James W. 6608 20 MR  
Ind Haulin' steel on the Ohio Southern Hediger, Jim 9604 82 MR  
Ind Interrelated industries Knotts, Stan 9404 14 MR  
Ind Loads-in/Empties-out Operations
Saunders, Lee 8511 28 Model Railroading Empty, Load
Ind Making better use of industries
Dohn, Roy 6310 38 MR Industry, Technique
Ind Midwest Pulpwood carloading practices and capacities
Holbrook, Dan 8910 16 Railmodel Journal  
Ind Mill You Can Model: The Action at a Paper Plant
Kang, Rick 9709 11 Railmodel Journal Mill, Paper
Ind New England Paper Mills
Lancaster, J. E. 9705   Railmodel Journal  
Ind Pulpwood in the South, Part II: Operations on the SAL   9310 4 Railmodel Journal Industry, Pulpwood, Sal
Ind Pulpwood industry pts 2 & 3 Holbrook, Dan 9001 54 Railmodel Journal  
Ind Railroads and the automotive age
Hediger, Jim 9705 70 MR contemporary era in June issue
Ind Team Tracks and LCL Freight Yards
Burroughs, Albin 8609 64 Model Railroading Lcl, Team, Track
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Perish Operations At Produce Terminals/Freight Houses in Pittsburgh   9008 22 Railmodel Journal Freighthouse, Terminal
Perish Refrigerator Car Icing
Clinic 7511 113 MR  
Perish Roll those Reefers
Novit, Edward 9909 90 MR  
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Proto ABC's of diesel dates
Kelly, Jim 8707 58 MR Models by years
Proto ABC's of prototype signaling Odegard, Gordon 7609 54 MR Signal, Prototype
Proto Air Brakes for Model Railroaders
Carlson, Fred 9411 100 MR  
Proto Airbrake Valve Action Westcott, Linn H. 6808 40 MR  
Proto Applying prototype knowledge to model ops
Sperandeo, Andy 9411 69 MR  
Proto B&O Baltimore street ops '40-'55
Schlerf & Sagle 9212 30 Railmodel Journal  
Proto B&O Fells Point Street ops
Schlerf 9210 30 Railmodel Journal  
Proto BN Selkirk Part III: Operation Procedures
Morgan, Brian 9205 45 NScale Layout, Bn, N
Proto C&NW Operations Sage, Harry 9303 53 Mainline Modeler also Aprp63, Mayp53
Proto City Street Operations at Baltimore's Fells Point Sage, Harry 9211 46 Railmodel Journal City, Street, Trackplanning
Proto Company Mail - Q&A on prototype operations
Swanson, John 1988 monthly columns Prototype Modeler
Proto Denver O.S. Train registers, train orders, other paper work
Steele, Rick 8501 68 Narrow Gauge &SL Trainorder
Proto Employee Timetables
  7511   MR  
Proto Extra 6138 East: prototype railroad modeling
Hendrickson 9001 10 Railmodel Journal  
Proto Fast freight
Ellison, Frank 4912 16 MR  
Proto Finescale Operation I - State of the Art
Lemke, Jeff 8911   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Finescale Operation II - Operating Principles
Lemke, Jeff 9003   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Finescale Operation III - Interchange
Lemke, Jeff 9106   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Finescale Operation IV - Interlockings
Lemke, Jeff 9201   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Finescale Operation V - Slowing down the pace
Lemke, Jeff 9401   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Flag & Whistle - operations in the D&RGW and RGS
Coker, Jim 9207 82 Narrow Gauge &SL Flag, Narrowgauge, Whistle
Proto Freight Car Pooling
Davis & deYoung 8304   RModel Craftsman  
Proto Freight Houses and Railroad LCL Service
Yungkurth, Chuck 8411 95 RModel Craftsman  
Proto Freight Houses, Part I The Freight Houses
Lemke, Jeff 8907   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Freight Houses, Part II Freight Handling
Lemke, Jeff 8909   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Freight Houses, Part III Produce Terminals
Lemke, Jeff 9008   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Yard Operations
  9504 16 Railmodel Journal Yard, Prototype
Proto It's More Than Horsepower Tipton, Rick 7811   MR  
Proto Lafayette, Indiana: NKP & NYC operation Harvey, Bill 8811 68 Mainline Modeler NYC, NKP
Proto Name That Track
Geletzke, Charles 9406   MR  
Proto Operation Night: BN Selkirk - Part IV
Morgan, Brian 9207 38 NScale Layout, Bn, N
Proto Palmerston, l.c.l. and the CNR
Wilson, Ian 9707 87 RModel Craftsman Cnr, Lcl
Proto Pend Oreille Railroad: Operational insights
Ingbretsen, Roger 8804 52 Mainline Modeler Operation, Railroad, Prototype
Proto Real Railroading, Made Easy, Part I, Terms
Kang & Providenza 9205 8 Railmodel Journal  
Proto Real Railroading, Made Easy, Part II: Through Freights
Kang & Providenza 9207 48 Railmodel Journal crew calls, rules, moving traffic
Proto Rules Class, Parts 1 through 5 Thorne, Dan 9011, 9012, 9103, 9107, 9109   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Through Freight - Realistic Operations Parts 1 - 10 Kang & Providenza 94   Railmodel Journal  
Proto Tips 'n tales from the cab - branchline operations
Hart, Vernon 9203 120 MR Branchline
Proto Tips 'n tales from the cab - prototype switching
Hart, Vernon 9204 142 MR Switching, Prototype
Proto Train Dynamics
Davis, John 9601 49 Mainline Modeler Slack, Prototype
Proto Train Procedures Directories
Gurin & McClelland 7901 75 RModel Craftsman  
Proto Train symbols Gruber, Bill 9201 39 NMRA Bulletin  
Proto Unit train, real rr trains with solid consists Kang & Providenza 9402   Railmodel Journal  
Proto When LCL Meant Fast Freight Bohi, Charles W 9308 58 Trains LCL ops
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Psgr Baggage Car Operations on the Reading
  9212 6 Railmodel Journal Baggage, Passenger, Rdg
Psgr Card Order Operations for Passenger Trains
Darnaby, Bill 9310 74 MR  
Psgr Drop That Sleeper Houghton & Bowen 4804 25 MR  
Psgr Express Box Car Operations
Saunders, Lee 8509 63 Model Railroading Expresscar, Passenger
Psgr Freight Cars of the 50s: Express Boxcars for Psgr Svc   8509 58 Model Railroading  
Psgr Gems of Passenger Operation Larson 5804 50 MR  
Psgr Gems of Passenger Train Operation
Larson, Paul 5804 50 MR  
Psgr Handling Mail
Bull Session 9108 146 MR  
Psgr Local passenger train over the Gorre & Daphetid
Allen, John 6901 46 MR Layout
Psgr Make mine passenger operation - terminal trackplan & ops
Orgibet, Jorges 7411 66 MR Passenger, Terminal, Trackplan, Yard, Ho
Psgr Milk car off-loading
Blardone, Chuck 9010 28 Railmodel Journal  
Psgr Milk Part 1 of 2: HP Hood Creamery
Lancaster, J. E. 9003 28 Railmodel Journal  
Psgr Milk Train Operations: 1957 Ozanich, John 9210 16 Railmodel Journal last days of milk trains
Psgr Milk Trains, Part 1: History, power and passenger cars
  9111 44 Railmodel Journal History, Locomotive, Milk, Passenger, Train
Psgr Milk Trains, Part II - Creamery Operations Lancaster, J. E. 8905 30 Model Railroading Milk Train
Psgr Milk Trains... Boston & Maine Milk Cars and Combines   9112 34 Railmodel Journal Combine, Milk, Milkcar, Train
Psgr Modern Passenger Service - Via Flag Stops
Watson, Russ 9307 24 Model Railroading Flagstop, Passenger
Psgr MR rides a doodlebug
Larson, Paul 5904 24 MR Gas-Electric, Odegard, Gordon, Passenger, Prototype
Psgr Passenger Cars: Getting Passengers Aboard
Fitzgerald, Jim 9201 21 NScale Hay, Es, Skip, Passenger
Psgr Passenger Train Operation Clark, R 7208 38 NMRA Bulletin Prototype example from 1967
Psgr Passenger train operation
Ellison, Frank 5106 8 MR Passenger
Psgr Passenger Train operations on the Chesapeake System
Alcock , Bruce & Michael Raskob 9608 58 MR  
Psgr Passenger train operations, a neglected opportunity Bisgeier, Craig 2000   Website see comments
Psgr Passenger Train Oriented Layout - Parts 1-4 Clark, Robert A '0201   Model Railroading 4 parts Jan-Apr 2002
Psgr Passenger Trains on the CM&SF
Sperandeo, Andy 8003 62 MR  
Psgr Passenger-train Challenge Broad 6412 67 MR  
Psgr Prototype Portfolio: Milwaukee Road's Fast Mail Stauss 8508 37 Prototype Modeler  
Psgr Pullman Prolificacy Shaffer 6710 24 Trains  
Psgr RR operation at stub terminals Robinson, Cliff 5602 42 RModel Craftsman Passenger, Switching, Terminal - cont Mar 56 p 25
Psgr Santa Fe passenger trains on the Argentine Div
Hitchcock, Chuck 1991 28 Great MRs Hitchcock, Chuck:, ision, 1991, p.21-28
Psgr Sunshine on the Southland Clark 4710 27 Trains extensive route switching
Psgr Switching action with passenger equipment
Nehrich, John 8409 21 Model Railroading Passenger, Switching
Psgr To Market by Rail: Milk Cars Part I - RR Owned Yungkurth 8602 89 RMC Also Pt II - Private 8603 p 85
Psgr Twelve Hours at Argentine
Hitchcock, Chuck 1997 10 MR Planning Hitchcock, Chuck
Psgr Twist on Tuscan Red Dubin 6709 38 Trains  
Psgr When Two Trains Equal One Shaffer 6402 44 Trains  
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Swtg ABC's of switching Cars
Kelly, Jim 8710 108 Model Railroading Kelly, Jim
Swtg Box Car Clean-Up Switching Moves
  9101 31 Railmodel Journal Boxcar, Switching, Freightcar
Swtg Flying switch operations
Bull, Howard W. 7401 42 MR Flyingswitch, Switching
Swtg Switching on a branchline
Stauss, Ed 7712 58 RRModeler Caboose talk - you have to plan ahead
Swtg Switching Prototype Style
Bates, Alan L. 7912 126 MR  
Swtg Switching Shippensburg
Lemke, J.H. 9211 40 NScale Reid, Bill, Switching
Swtg Switching the Interchange
Christopherson, Bob 9401 27 Railmodel Journal Interchange, Switching
Swtg Track Scale Switching Movements Kelly, Jim 8706 4 Model Railroading Scale, Switching
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WayFrt Apple North out of Sunrise
Koester, Tony 9303 69 MR  
WayFrt Brakeman on the Yellow Extra, on the Sunset Valley
Chubb, Bruce 7301 56 MR Svrr
WayFrt Consider the Lowly Peddler Boomer Pete 5406 6 MR Very basic info
WayFrt Consider the way freight
Hiatt, John T. 6811 60 MR Freight, Wayfreight
WayFrt Day with a Jersey Eastern switching crew, 11x16 ctr op
Mansfield, Jim 8411 104 MR Layout, Trackplan, Ho
WayFrt Day with extra 487
Dunning, Denis 7408 30 RRModeler Freight, Wayfreight, UP, Prototype
WayFrt Mixed Train (Daily) Operations
Kelly, Jim 8707 38 Model Railroading  
WayFrt Mixed train: bull session
Hediger, Jim 8806 132 MR  
WayFrt Modern mixed train operation
Heinen, Ken 6601 38 MR Railroad, Wab, Prototype
WayFrt Railroad operation: Way Freight No. 2A
Robinson, Cliff 5604 40 RModel Craftsman Wayfreight
WayFrt Realistic Operations, part 9; Wayfreight Kang, Rick 9704 11 Railmodel Journal Operation designed by former railroaders
WayFrt Riding the Cookie Box extra
Steer, David G. 9604 73 RModel Craftsman  
WayFrt Route switching - model railroading at its best
Ellison, Frank 5003 24 MR Switching
WayFrt Useful little peddler, the
Robb, Arthur T. 4812 929 MR Wayfreight
WayFrt Way freight
Ellison, Frank 5002 28 MR Wayfreight
WayFrt Way Freight Operations on the Yampa Valley RR
Rothe, Robert 7710 114 MR  
WayFrt Winfield Local - ride along on a prototype freight, part 1
Karsten, Robert 7801 53 RModel Craftsman Freight, Ri, Wayfreight - cont Feb 78 p 59
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Yards Around the clock at Frankfort Yard Daily 1996 p16 MRPlanning NKP yd
Yards Freight yards
Ellison, Frank 5001 31 MR  
Yards Give the Yardmanster a break
Tipton, Rick 7809 126 Model Railroading  
Yards Go with the (Traffic) Flow - Pt III Yard Operations
Swanson, John 8803 34 Prototype Modeler  
Yards Large Terminal Operations in Small Spaces
  9112 56 Railmodel Journal Washington Terminal
Yards Model the Action, NOT the Yard: A Railroad's Story, part I Puckett, Larry 9012 16 Railmodel Journal Trackplanning, Yard
Yards Yard at Manchester - adding a small yard to the Ma&Pa
Ellison, Frank 6502 48 MR Switching, Yard
Yards Yard at Westport - operators have to cooperate here
Decker, John R. 8309 116 MR Layout, Switching, Yard
Yards Yard Operations Planning on the Allegheny Midland
Koester, Tony 1996 10 MR Planning Koester, Tony
Yards Yard Switching, Prototype Style
Towers, Whit 6107 38 MR  
Yards Yard throats for operations Barrow, David 1997 84 MR Planning