Advertise in the Dispatcher's Office

The Dispatcher's Office uses advertising to help defray the costs of magazine printing and production. The surplus income goes to fund the Operations SIG's other activities, including the hosting of this web site, activities at the national and regional conventions, and so on. 

Advertisers commit for a one year period (4 issues) in one of three sizes:

  • Full page ad: $300 per issue, $1200 per year
  • Half page ad: $200 per issue, $800 per year
  • 1/12 page ad: $68.75 per issue, $275 per year

Artwork should be camera ready in high quality PDF or PNG format. Ads can be changed for each issue; however, the new ads need to be received 90 days prior to the issue date, per the DO Submission Guidelines

Your ad will reach approximately 1800 subscribers in both print and digital formats and you'll be helping to support one of the larger special interest groups. Please contact the editor if you're interested in advertising with us.