Mission of the Operations SIG

The principal purpose of the Operations Special Interest Group (OPSIG) is to discuss, develop and disseminate ways of operating model railroads to realistically emulate practices of the prototype. This includes sharing information on various methods of generating, moving and controlling traffic to heighten the feeling that our models are an active and integral part of the national rail transportation network, serving shippers and consignees throughout the nation. We also discuss and communicate information about the methods and procedures used by the real railroads and ways of most practically and realistically adapting them to the model world. So if you like to operate the railroad you've created, this is a place to learn more and find others with similar interests.

We are a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation base in Connecticut. Our general office operations are located in Wood Dale, Illinois. We elect five directors for three-year terms. Please see our Join Us page for the current dues rate. Below is our Mission Statement.

  1. To act as a forum for the member's exchange of information and ideas, and to develop improved ways for hobbyists to learn the art and science of operating a railroad and in particular a model railroad.
  2. To provide leadership for planning, developing, coordinating, and expanding the knowledge of operating model railroads
  3. To promote, develop, support and encourage participation by the public in model railroading.

If you like to operate or are just becoming aware of this exciting and growing part of the hobby, this is the place! All are Welcome!