Past Meetup Topics and Downloads

2020 Virtual Meetups

March 21, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Dan Howard - Coal Gasification Operations


March 7, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Michael Artner - Virtual Timetable Operations

You can download Michael's presentation here. The “spy cam” being used for train cameras is available from Amazon

If you're interested in observing the operations, contact LAMRS at or via their Facebook page


February 21, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Scott Sabo - Using Tab-On-Car for Switching a Yard 
36:30 Doug Akromas' Erie Lackawanna layout design discussion 

February 7, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 - Dale Baker's Port of Catoosa Railroad
34:15 - Rail Detector Cars by Dennis Drury

In Dale's presentation, he discussed the homemade derail devices he created. Dale describes the devices:

These were made from small Evergreen I- beams and a square stock piece. The sides are beams I shaved the inner flange at the bottom and the outer at the top. The top piece I did not shave at all. Then I added the top square stock to allow me to drill a hole to hole the derails sign. If done correctly, they fit snugly on the code 100 rail.

Here are some images of the devices. 



January 24, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Steve Sandifer - LCL Freight Operations


January 3, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Bruce Morden - Direct Traffic Control
29:29 Mat Thompson - Operations on the Swift Meat Packing Plant

Presentation downloads available: