Virtual Meetup Replays and Files - 2023

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June 18, 2023 Meetup


Heath Hurwitz presented: Why My Timesaver Build Did Not Meet Expectations and How it Change My View on Model Railroading

Heath says, "I reconnected with Model Railroading during the pandemic and I wanted to share the hobby. So I embarked with the goal of creating a 100% remotely operated switching puzzle. Anyone, anywhere in the world would be able to experience Model Railroading from the comfort of their homes without any local interventions. Ultimately, I did not accomplish my project goals. But it taught me a lot about different aspects of Model Railroading, including a deep dive into operations. In this clinic, I will take you through the build of my Timesaver puzzle, why I think it did not meet my expectations and how I turned it into a positive Model Railroading experience."


April 16, 2023 Meetup


David Ramos will be presenting his New York Harbor Railroad. It was designed to operate and built to run on a variable crew staffing, from two to fifteen. The layout is fifteen years old and operates on the first of the month. There are a few technological changes in the future of the layout. Turnout upgrades and scenery enhancement are now on the horizon.


March 12, 2023 Meetup


Steve Prevette will be presenting a clinic entitled: Design for Operations - Lessons from Rocks and Water. He's previously done an article for The Dispatcher's Office on a similar topic, but this is a revised look at the concepts.  


January 15, 2023 Meetup


Dave Vinci will be presenting a session on steam locomotives and all the operational features required to use and service them. Steam engines required a lot more personnel and infrastructure compared to your average modern diesel locomotive. Dave will go through how the locomotives work, the people involved in running them, and the facilities that were built along the railroad to keep them chugging.