Past Meetup Topics and Downloads

2020 Virtual Meetups

February 21, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Scott Sabo - Using Tab-On-Car for Switching a Yard 
36:30 Doug Akromas' Erie Lackawanna layout design discussion 

February 7, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 - Dale Baker's Port of Catoosa Railroad
34:15 - Rail Detector Cars by Dennis Drury

In Dale's presentation, he discussed the homemade derail devices he created. Dale describes the devices:

These were made from small Evergreen I- beams and a square stock piece. The sides are beams I shaved the inner flange at the bottom and the outer at the top. The top piece I did not shave at all. Then I added the top square stock to allow me to drill a hole to hole the derails sign. If done correctly, they fit snugly on the code 100 rail.

Here are some images of the devices. 



January 24, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Steve Sandifer - LCL Freight Operations


January 3, 2021 Meetup Report


00:00 Bruce Morden - Direct Traffic Control
29:29 Mat Thompson - Operations on the Swift Meat Packing Plant

Presentation downloads available: